How To Make The Best Of Your Wedding Venue Search


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This post, once again, is dedicated to you lovely people out there planning your wedding with the idontknowwheretostart syndrome. After figuring out how much you want to spend on your entire wedding, start here:


This is the most time consuming “to do” in the entire wedding planning process. Especially considering how Ghana is to customer services as a cactus is to a bridal bouquet. Coupled with traffic and the suns perpetual glare, finding the perfect venue is something you definitely want to get done and out of the way first.

Decide as a couple what kind of wedding you want – church, garden, beach, indoor or outdoor.


Make a list of all possible venues, then make a list of questions you want to ask at each venue. You might want to ask about venue capacity, what is or isn’t allowed, what can and cannot be done in terms of decor, food, drinks, etc., how soon you can make a booking, payment plans, what packages they offer, and if it’s a hotel, ask if they have a complimentary room as part of the package.

For each venue, make a list of likes and dislikes and once you decide, make the booking ASAP (especially if your wedding is in December). Most venues allow bookings up to a year or two in advance BUT keep checking from time to time if you have or haven’t made a deposit…you never know.


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