The Trust Sports Emporium

A multi-purpose sports venue in Accra, Ghana, with facilities for sports, social and entertainment events.

The Trust Sports Emporium (TSE) is a multi-purpose sports venue in Accra, Ghana, with facilities for sports, social and entertainment events. The TSE is managed by the Trust Sports Emporium Limited and owned jointly by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) and the ETC Group of Poland.

TSE houses six facilities. These are the Ga Mashie Hall, the Mudor Conference Centre, the Bukom International Pool, the Bukom Fitness & Physio, the Bukom Boxing Arena and the Ring Restaurant & Sports Bar.

Bukom Boxing Arena

GHS15,000.00/facility / 1 day

The Bukom Boxing Arena is the flagship facility of the Trust Sports Emporium. It’s an open air, 4000 seater capacity sports facility which can host several events including boxing, basketball, volleyball, tennis and musical performances. It can also host social and corporate events. The seats are terraced to sixteen levels with the additional opportunity to add-on a few hundred seats depending on the event. The arena floor has been constructed to facilitate the mounting of moveable games and events installations.

The Bukom Boxing Arena has a VIP Lounge, a Press Box, a First-Aid Clinic, Changing Rooms, Retail Shops and a Boxing Hall of Fame.

Ga Mashie Hall

GHS15,000.00/facility / 1 day

The Ga Mashie Hall is an indoor facility with a seating capacity of between 800 and 1,200 depending on the sport. It can host boxing, volleyball, table tennis and futsal events. It has terraced seating on two sides with VIP and Press sections. Its mezzanine floor can also be used for social events.


Mudor Conference Centre

GHS1,500.00/facility / 1 day

The Mudor Conference Centre has three halls with each capable of seating 100 persons in cabaret-style or conference seating with double that number in theatre seating. Its three halls can also be collapsed into a larger space for a greater number of guests depending on the activity. The facility can be used for conferences, indoor games, corporate and social events. It has preparation rooms and offices for support activities for the events it hosts.

Bukom Fitness & Physio

The Bukom Fitness & Physio is a fitness training cum health facility at the Trust Sports Emporium. As the name implies, it has two sections, a Physiotherapy Center and a Fitness Club.

The Physiotherapy Center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and manned by professionals with extensive experience in the treatment of sport related conditions. It has VIP and Standard Sections.

The Fitness Club is a members-only club which offers fitness, bodybuilding and healthy lifestyle related activities for its members. Guest and Walk-in members are also welcomed. Members can subscribe to various sessions including aerobics, boxercise, strengthening and toning etc. The Fitness Club is manned by an internationally trained Master-Coach with a team of Instructors.

The two sections of The Bukom Fitness & Physio provide a much needed support for the development of sportsmen and women at the Trust Sports Emporium.

Bukom International Pool

The Bukom International Pool is an Olympic-size ten-lane swimming pool which has been built to the approved FINA standard. It comes with its changing rooms, washrooms, lockers and store rooms for swimmers.

For competition and social events purposes there is terraced seating ( close to 300 persons plus an additional temporal seats of over 500) on both sides of the pool.

The Ring Restaurant & Sports Bar

The Ring Restaurant & Sports Bar is a catering facility which is yet to be opened to the public. Once opened, it shall also provide catering services for the other facilities at the Trust Sports Emporium. It will have indoor and outdoor seating and its strategic location within the Trust Sports Emporium affords it the opportunity to be within easy reach of all users of all the facilities.

The Ring Restaurant & Sports Bar also has the capacity to host private events.

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