Selecting a Garden Wedding Venue in Accra

Outdoor weddings are steadily becoming more popular with couples getting married. Nothing beats a wedding in the fresh air, surrounded by trees, with soft green grass underneath your feet. If you are planning to have your nuptials at a garden wedding venue, you will most certainly need the tips below. Take a look!

  1. Location
  • When picking a garden wedding venue, it is important to consider the location. Do not choose a garden that is very far from the church, does not have a spacious lawn for your guests, or has overgrown bushes and is unkempt. Remember, also, the surrounding climate of the venue should be favorable, so that nobody is freezing or dying of heat during the ceremony. Lastly, the venue should be pleasing to the eye!
  1. Weather
  • If you plan to have your wedding during the rainy season, make sure you get a venue that provides some form of shelter for your guests in case it rains. Beware, also of venues that get all muddy when it rains. When you settle on a venue, find out what provision they have for adverse weather conditions, just in case the weather changes abruptly during your wedding.
  1. Accessibility
  • You do not want to pick a garden wedding venue that everyone will have trouble finding. Choose one that is easy to find, not far from the main road, and accessible either with a personal car or public transport. The venue should also be accessible to the service providers who will have to make several trips to set up for the wedding.
  1. Size of the venue
  • How many guests are you expecting? Can the venue accommodate them all? How about the arrangement for the wedding ceremony and the reception? Consider all factors relating to size before you make a final decision on the venue.
  1. Availability
  • When you finally decide on a venue, find out if there are other bookings for the day. Most owners of wedding gardens find it difficult to handle more than one function on their premises at a time. You, therefore, need to confirm that there is no other function at the venue on your preferred date.
  1. Budget
  • Money, as always, is a crucial consideration when it comes to weddings. Find out how much the venue will cost you, and if you can afford it. At this point, you can also ask if there is anything else provided, like catering facilities, tents, décor, and washrooms. Note that if these amenities are not available, you will have to incur an additional cost to acquire them. If the asking price is high and the amenities do not meet your expectations, look for another place.
  1. Parking
  • Many people forget about parking when they are looking for wedding venues. If you plan to have an outdoor wedding on the outskirts of town, there must be enough parking for your guests within the venue. That way, you are able to guarantee the security of your guest’s vehicles, as well as those of the service providers.
  1. Reviews
  • Before you start your search for an outdoor venue, ask around to find out what the most popular venues in your hometown are. You can then look at the websites or social media pages of these places, view their photos and read their reviews. If you are using a wedding planner, ask for recommendations on great outdoor venues. Asking for recommendations and looking through reviews helps to narrow down the venue search.

Every couple who wants an outdoor wedding is always keen to find the perfect garden wedding venue. If you fall into this category, the list above should sort you out!

Source: (by: Mary)

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